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Online application for registration in the first year of thesis (2022-2023)
Date of creation: 22 Jun 2022 / 3250 Vue(s)
Online application for registration in the first year of thesis (2022-2023)
Chemical-Process Engineering (GCP), Electrical Engineering (GE), Mechanical-Energy Engineering (GM)
Holders of a National Engineering Diploma or a diploma recognized as equivalent, or of a Research Masters, and who meet the conditions below can apply for registration in the first year of the ENIG thesis, in one of the three specialties, by submitting a complete file within the deadlines (see the schedule below).
As the capacity is limited, applications authorized to register for a doctorate will be selected on the basis of a score detailed below. For foreign applicants, more details can be found in the guide for international students in Tunisia (
Enrollment schedule for a thesis at National Engineering School of Gabès (2022-2023)
September 30, 2022
Filing and submitting the Online application using the correct link
Publication on the ENIG website
 From October 10, 2022
Publication of the shortlisted candidates
Submission of the complete application file at the ENIG registry office
Before December 01, 2022
Search for thesis subject
Search for research structure
Preparation of the final application according to the conditions specified with the publication of the shortlist.
Publication of the lists of candidates definitively selected and authorized to register for a thesis at the school.
Before December 15, 2022
Publication of the final list on the website
Final registration
Before December 31, 2022
Registration of the thesis subject on the site
Payment of registration fees
Signature of the thesis charter