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The National School of Engineers of Gabes was created by virtue of law n°75/75 of November 14, 1975. It provides training for engineers of different levels and is often called upon to carry out other missions in the field of research and continuing education. It is under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and it comes under the University of Gabès created by virtue of decree n ° 1662 of the year 2003 of August 04, 2003. ENIG is also part the national network of engineering schools coordinated by the General Directorate for Technological Studies (DGET) at the supervisory ministry.
ENIG has the status of a Public Administrative Establishment (PAE) whose mission is higher education and scientific research in the field of engineering sciences. It enjoys legal personality and financial autonomy and its budget is attached by order to the State budget in accordance with Law No. 2008-19 of February 25, 2008 and all the texts which have amended it and in particular Decree-Law No. 2011-31 of April 26, 2011 and Law No. 2017-38 of May 2, 2017.
The organization of the ENIG and the rules of its operation, as well as the supervisory system to which it is subject, in accordance with the law relating to higher education, are fixed by decree n ° 2008-2716 of August 4, 2008 and as amended and supplemented by Decree No. 2011-683 of June 9, 2011. It has five departments and offers engineering training in five specialties: Chemical Engineering-Processes, Civil Engineering, Electrical-Automatic Engineering, Communications Engineering and Networks and Mechanical Engineering.
The school recruits its students mainly from national competitions for entry to engineering training cycles organized according to decree no. 2004-2589 of November 2, 2004 supplemented by decree no. 2009-2006 of July 31, 2009.
The general framework of the study system and the conditions for obtaining the national engineering diploma are set by decree no. 95-2602 of December 25, 1995 and decree no. 2009-643 of March 2, 2009. The study system and ENIG examinations is set by the decree of June 25, 1998 and all the texts which have modified it, such as the decree of September 1, 2017 and the decree of February 20, 2004.